Findings like reducing poor cholesterol or bringing up good cholesterol could be called surrogate markers, surrogate endpoints or intermediate endpoints.They may be surrogates for things you want to know but might not know yet. Final results like whether people much longer live, safer, better are what we should care about.? ———— – Follow us about Facebook, and on Tweets:.. Jilted Akorn sues Fresenius over deal termination FRANKFURT – U.S.Bladder pain symptoms, or interstitial cystitis, is normally a chronic condition seen as a bladder pressure, bladder discomfort and pelvic discomfort. About 5.5 million adults in america have problems with symptoms in keeping with bladder suffering syndrome, the business said. The business had about $93 mil in cash readily available by the end of its first quarter. Last month, Aquinox declared a licensing agreement with Astellas Pharma that gave the Tokyo-based drugmaker the proper to analyze and commercialize rosiptor in Japan and additional Asia-Pacific countries. The offer provides Aquinox with a short payment of $25 million or more to $130 million in advancement and commercial milestone payments.