EU drugs agency says move to new HQ may take longer LONDON – The Western european drugs company said on Fri its new head office in Amsterdam may possibly not be ready by enough time it must leave London because of Brexit as the building will never be completed. With an employee of around 890, the European Medicines Agency continues to be located in London since 1995 . It learned in November it might be shifting to Amsterdam after Brexit since it should be headquartered within an EU country. It said on Fri its tailor-made Vivaldi building was planned for conclusion in November 2019 which the Dutch authorities would offer short lived premises from Jan.

Caregivers for those who have dementia will get dental care suggestions online through the Family members Caregiver Alliance .. Dental care in early dementia might prevent problems later – Preventive dental hygiene provided in the first stages of dementia may help limit main tooth problems afterwards, researchers say. Their tooth are almost untreatable occasionally, he said. They asked whether sufferers were registered using a dental practitioner and if indeed they received precautionary dental care. Forty-one individuals, or 80 %, had been signed up or seen with a dental practitioner regularly, and 35 said that they had gone to the dental professional before year. About 50 percent of the individuals went to regular hygienist classes.