Broad Street 
United Methodist Church

We are a Community 
that cares

Come and join us as 
we move forward 
in Christ together


Weddings at Broad Street
Congratulations on your engagement
If there is anything we can do to make your day absolutely marvelous
please let us know.  Below are our rental fees and process for weddings here.

                                       Rental of the Sanctuary: $300
  Cleaning of the Sanctuary:  $100
      Rental of the Social Hall: $300 (if needed)
           Piano/ Organist:  $150
      Pastor Honorarium:  $150

The rules for the sanctuary are no real rose petals on the carpet and any decorations need to be coordinated with 
                        the office or the pastor.  The altar can be used for unity candles, sand, or other ceremonies representing the unity of  
                        the two families.  There are candelabras with 7 candles each that are available at no charge, but you must use 
                        dripless candles for the wedding.  Other information can be emailed to you just contact the church office at 
                Wishing you and yours a beautiful wedding!

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