Welcome to Broad Street United Methodist Church. We're so glad you found our website.  It's a great place to learn a little about who we are, how to join us for worship, and most importantly, how we serve God.

If you're new to our church, we invite you to take a few moments to "click around" and find out what's happening in our community of believers.  We hope you'll discover that we are committed to loving God and loving our neighbors through our worship, our fellowship, our missions and ministries.

Broad Street United Methodist Church began in 1897 on the corner of Detroit and Maryland and moved to this location in 1914.
We are a loving congregation who welcomes all people to the Communion Table and to our church family.  Our worship style is traditional with piano and organ played each Sunday.  We have 2 Sunday School classes for Adults and 1 for children 6 years old and above.  We are a congregation that loves to welcome all people with the love of Christ and serve our community with love.  We are United Methodist and follow the teachings of John Wesley, who taught us that we are all saved by grace.  So no matter how far we believe we are from God, we can always come into his arms and he will love us.  We welcome you with open arms as Jesus opened his arms to all people no matter their status, race, or creed.  Come and join us and let God guide you to newer heights than you ever imagined.

Join us in fellowship and worship!



10:00 A.M.           Sunday School
11:00 A.M.        Traditional Worship Service

Our 11:00 a.m. service features a traditional worship style.  Those who attend this service will enjoy conventional hymns accompanied by piano or organ, and an inspiring anthem or special music performed by our Adult Choir.

A nursery is available in our education wing for infants and children kindergarten age and under.

Broad Street participates in Communion on the first Sunday of the month and on special designated Sundays throughout the year (i.e. World Communion Sunday, Holy Thursday, Easter service, Christmas Eve service, etc.). We believe in an “open table” in which all are welcome to receive God’s grace.


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